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1. Hawaii, Hawaiian Islands. Primary triangulation by W.D. Alexander, C.J. Lyons, J.S. Emerson, J.M. Lydgate and E.D. Baldwin. Boundaries and topography by W.D. Alexander, C.J. Lyons, J.S. Emerson, J.M. Lydgate, J.F. Brown, E.D. Baldwin, F.S. Lyman, J.M. Alexander, S.M. Kanakanui and A.B. Loebenstein. Map by John M. Donn. 1901. (At head of title:) Hawaii Territory Survey, W.D. Alexander, Walter E. Wall, Surveyor. Andrew B. Graham Co., Lithographers, Washington, D.C. (1906) (Raster Image)

1906. Rumsey, David, 1944-, Donn, John M., 1871-1931, Wall, Walter E., Alexander, J. M., Alexander, W. D., Andrew B. Graham Co., Baldwin, E. D. , Brown, J. F. , Emerson, J. S., Kanakanui, S. M., Loebenstein, A. B., Lydgate, J. M., Lyman, F. S., and Lyons, C. J. This layer is a georeferenced image of a map of Hawaii published in 1906. The map shows public lands; homestead settlement tracts; grazing, pineapp... Cartography Associates.