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21. Global GIS : Bailey equal-area grid

2003. This dataset is a polyline coverage representing the Bailey Equal-Area Grid. The Bailey Equal-Area Grid is an area-reference grid that uses meridia... American Geological Association.

22. Global GIS : Global 5-degree latitude/longitude grid lines (including geographically significant lines)

2003. This dataset is a polyline coverage representing a 5-degree by 5-degree global latitude and longitude grid, including geographically significant li... American Geological Institute.

23. King County, Washington : open water (lines)

2003. King County, Washington lakes, rivers, and streams boundary lines. Covers also the Puget Sound and portions of Snohomish and Pierce Counties. King County GIS Center.

24. King County, Washington : Trails

2003. Location of trails in King County, Washington. City trails and private trails may not be complete. Covers also small portions of Pierce, Kittitas, ... King County GIS Center.

25. MassGIS 2003 Massachusetts bicycle trails (January 2003)

2003. This dataset, formerly named "Rail Trails," was created by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management for the purpose of regional pla...

26. MassGIS 2003 Massachusetts Drainage Sub-basins (Arcs) (March 2003)

2003. This datalayers contains arcs representing Massachusetts drainage sub-basin boundaries (see also the Drainage Sub-basins (Polygons) datalayer). Mas...

27. MassGIS 2003 Massachusetts Hydrography (1:25,000) (Arcs) (March 2003)

2003. The MassGIS 1:25,000 Hydrography datalayer represents hydrographic (water-related) features, including surface water (lakes, ponds, reservoirs), we...

28. MassGIS 2003 Massachusetts Major Drainage Basins (Arcs) (March 2003)

2003. This datalayer, produced by MassGIS, contains polylines representing boundaries of the 28 major drainage basins of Massachusetts as defined by the ...

29. MassGIS 2003 Massachusetts National Wetlands Inventory (Arcs) (February 2003)

2003. This layer contains arcs representing rivers and streams for the state for Massachusetts. The National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) project, administer...

30. MassGIS 2003 Massachusetts Orthophoto Streams (1:5,000) (February 2003)

2003. This datalayer consists of arcs representing streams and rivers in the state of Massachusetts. It is one of two datalayers that comprise the MassGI...