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11. Air Monitoring Stations: California, 2001-2003

2001. Stephen P. Teale Data Center (Calif.). and California. Air Resources Board. Planning and Technical Support Division. This point shapefile represents all air monitoring stations active in California from 2001 until 2003. The data within the shapefile was obtained f... California. Air Resources Board.

12. Air Pollution Control District, Monterey County, California, 2015

2015. Monterey County (Calif.). This polygon shapefile represents the boundary of the Air Pollution Control District within Monterey County, California. This layer is part of a co... Monterey County (Calif.).

13. Amphibian and Reptile Specimen Provenances: San Francisco Bay Area, California, 2011

2011. Bay Area Open Space Council, Conservation Lands Network, San Francisco Bay Area Upland Habitat Goals Project, and GreenInfo Network (Firm). The University of California, Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (MVZ) collection of amphibians and reptiles contains over 265,000 catalogued sp... Bay Area Open Space Council.

14. Anchorages, Northeast United States, 2013

2013. Baldwin Group. This polygon shapefile represents anchorages in the Northeastern United States. The areas described are designated as special anchorage areas for p... Coastal Services Center (U.S.).

15. Annual Growth of Biomass for Vegetation Outside of Croplands: Kenya, 2002

2002. This polygon shapefile depicts the annual growth of biomass outside of croplands as well as the theoretically harvestable biomass yield outside of ... World Resources Institute.

16. Annual Particulate Matter (Annual PM-2.5) Non-Attainment Designations in Region 9, 2011

2011. United States. Environmental Protection Agency, Region IX. This polygon shapefile contains designated areas for particulate matter < 2.5 microns, according to the annual National Ambient Air Quality Stan... United States. Environmental Protection Agency, Region IX.

17. Aquaculture, Northeast United States, 2014

2013. SeaPlan. This polygon shapefile represents aquaculture regions in the northeastern United States. Aquaculture in the northeast region is a diverse, vibrant ... Northeast Ocean Data.

18. Archaeological Sensitivity, Monterey County, California, 2015

2015. Monterey County (Calif.). This polygon shapefile contains areas of archaeological sensitivity within Monterey County, California. Archaeological sensitivity zones are those ... Monterey County (Calif.).

19. Artisanal Fishing, 2007-2008

2007. National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. This raster dataset is a global model of artisanal fishing based on small scale fisheries data and population proximity to coastal areas. See the L... Science.

20. Average Water Consumption by Livestock and Wildlife by Subdrainage Area, Kenya, 1994-1996

1994. World Resources Institute. This polygon shapefile represents the average water consumption of livestock and wildlife by sub-basin in Kenya for 1994-96. The greatest water dem... World Resources Institute.