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91. Sand and Gravel Operations in the United States

2002. Geological Survey (U.S.) Minerals Information Team. This point shapefile includes sand and gravel operations in the United States. These data were obtained from information reported voluntarily to th... National Atlas of the United States.

92. Significant United States Earthquakes, 1568-2009

1568. Geological Survey (U.S.). This point shapefile contains the locations and attributes of significant, historic earthquakes that caused deaths, property damage, and geological... National Atlas of the United States.

93. Streamflow Gaging Stations of the United States, 2013

2013. Geological Survey (U.S.). This point shapefile contains selected streamflow gaging stations of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, in 2013. Gaging s... Geological Survey (U.S.).

94. Street Trees, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2014

2014. City owned and maintained trees. This layer is maintained by Cambridge Public Works. Updated regularly by City Arborist.

95. Subway Stations, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2014

2014. This point layer contains all of the MBTA Subway Stations in Cambridge.

96. UA Census Block Centroid Points, 2000 - Massachusetts

2000. This datalayer represents U.S. Census Block Centroid Points for the state of Massachusetts. Census blocks are statistical areas bounded on all side...

97. UA Census Landmark Point Features, 2000 - Massachusetts

2000. This datalayer displays the Landmark Point Features throughout the state. "Landmark" is the general name given to a cartographic (or locational) la...

98. Unexploded Ordnance Locations, Northeast United States, 2012

2012. I.M. Systems Group. Unexploded ordnance (or UXOs/UXBs, sometimes identified as UO) are explosive weapons (bombs, bullets, shells, grenades, land mines, naval mines, et... Coastal Services Center (U.S.).

99. Utility Facilities, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2012

2012. Utility locations from 2012 desktop survey for regional public safety program. May not be inclusive.

100. Utility Poles, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2010 (pub. 2014)

2010. This layer contains point features representing utility poles in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2010.