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2015 LiDAR Flight 150326_131220 for Dublin City

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This record contains aerial laser scanning (ALS) and photogrammetry data that corresponds to Flight 150326_131220, which is one part of data that was collected over an area of more than 2kmĀ² in Dublin, Ireland in 2015 and includes 3D point-cloud (LAZ), 3D full waveform LiDAR (LAS and Pulsewave), and ortho-rectified 2D rasters. Over 1.4 billion laser points were acquired (inclusive of partially covered areas). ALS was carried out by contractors using a TopEye system S/N 443. Imagery data was captured using a Phase One camera system. The average flying altitude was 300m with the total of 41 flight paths. This dataset was collected with funding from European Research Council funded project RETURN - Rethinking Tunnelling in Urban Neighbourhoods [ERC-2012- StG-307836]. For more information on this data, consult the documentation. See the source dataset for a guide to the entire collection. A manifest of SHA-256 checksums is available in the nyu_2451_38659_manifest.json' file, within the preservation record. Users may also find a stable link to this collection at https://doi.org/10.17609/N8MQ0N/. This data is released with an Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.
New York University. Center for Urban Science and Progress
2015 Dublin LiDAR and NYU Research Data
Dublin City, Leinster, Ireland and Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
Cities and towns, Urban density, and Urban development
LAZ (Point-cloud), LAS (Full-waveform), Pulsewaves (Full-waveform), JPG (Oblique photos), GeoTIFF (Geo-referenced RGB), and GeoTIFF (Geo-referenced CIR)
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