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Protected Area Units: San Francisco Bay Area, California, 2010

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The Bay Area Protected Areas Database (BPAD) is a subset of the California Protected Areas Database (CPAD) which contains all known protected lands in California that are owned in fee by public agencies and non-profits that hold them for open space uses. Unlike CPAD, BPAD includes Easement data. Version 1 was published in May 2008 and has been updated numerous times since. This polygon shapefile depicts Unit(s) to which individual Holdings may belong (e.g, individual parcels that make up a larger park or preserve) in the nine county San Francisco Bay Area Region, California. CPAD is a general planning purpose dataset and does not necessarily correspond exactly with individual agency/organization data. CPAD may not be used for commercial resale or other such purposes - please read the license agreement before using CPAD. CPAD is suitable for a wide range of planning, assessment, analysis and display purposes. CPAD should not be used as the basis for regulatory or other specific governmental actions.This dataset was developed/compiled for use in the San Francisco Bay Area Upland Habitat Goals Project, a Project used to identify a Conservation Lands Network (CLN) for biodiversity preservation to inform conservation investments and lasting cooperative conservation partnerships. The Conservation Lands Network GIS Database is the primary output of the Project. The data depicts the spatially explicit CLN that is recommended for the nine county San Francisco Bay Area Region, California.
Bay Area Open Space Council
San Francisco Bay Area (Calif.), Alameda County (Calif.), Contra Costa County (Calif.), Marin County (Calif.), Napa County (Calif.), San Francisco County (Calif.), San Mateo County (Calif.), Santa Clara County (Calif.), Solano County (Calif.), and Sonoma County (Calif.)
Natural resources, Natural areas, Parks, Public lands, Open spaces, Ecological reserves, Boundaries, and Environment
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