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Hydrography, Tompkins County NY, 2001

This line shapefile represents Hydrography of Tompkins County NY for 2001. The Tompkins County Planning Department utilized inter-departmental mapping expertise of the Tompkins County Information Technology Services GIS Division to produce a data set of surface water features for Tompkins County, New York. The need for this data set has been identified by various county departments, local municipal agencies, and other not-for-profit organizations. To provide a complete network of streams within the county boundaries and to add enough basic attributes that a fundamental degree of categorization would be achieved. To provide a stream layer for map production and to provide a framework for relating streams to external databases.
Tompkins County (N.Y.). Department of Planning
Fall Creek, New York, United States, Sixmile Creek, New York, United States, Cascadilla Creek, New York, United States, and Cayuga Lake, New York, United States
Streams, Inland Waters, Hydrography, Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Hydrology, and Reservoirs
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