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USGS Topographic Maps, New York State, 2000

This polygon shapefile represents USGS Topographic Maps of New York State for 2000. This index provides access to county-wide mosaics of USGS topographic maps. Map images were derived from scans of USGS 7.5 minute quadrangle maps (Digital Raster Graphics) circa 2000. The images form a set of seamless tiles, 5,000 m on a side, from which the map collar information was removed. Images are GeoTIFF files in NAD83, UTM zone 18. A DRG is useful as a source or background layer in a GIS, as a means to perform quality assurance on other digital products, and as a source for the collection and revision of DLG data.
Albert R. Mann Library
New York State, New York, United States
Imagery and Base Maps and Topographic maps
1942 and 2000
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