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Census Miscellaneous Ground Transportation Features, 1995 - Colorado

This datalayer displays miscellaneous ground transportation features in the state. Features other than roads or railroads may be included in this layer. The predominant feature in this layer has a Census Feature Class Code (CFCC) of C20 -- which is classed as power transmission lines. Other features that may be included are: Pipelines: enclosed pipe, carrying fluid or slurry, situated above ground, or in special conditions, below ground when marked by a cleared right-of way and signage. Power Transmission Line: High voltage electrical line, on towers, situated on cleared right-of-way. Miscellaneous Ground Transportation With Special Characteristics: A portion of a ground transportation system that has separately identifiable characteristics. This category is for specialized transportation, usually confined to a local area, that is separate from other ground transportation. Other ground transportation that is not a pipeline or a power transmission line, such as aerial tramway, monorail, or ski lift.
Communication, Census, Transportation, Pipelines, and Electric lines
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