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1999 India: Lok Sabha (13th) Constituency Boundaries and Election Data

This polygon data set shows India pre-delimitation Lok Sabha constituency boundaries and data relating to parliamentary elections for the Thirteenth Lok Sabha (1999-2004). Includes attribute data on election parties, voters, candidate names, and results.This layer is part of the PollMap of India dataset published by ML InfoMap which includes parliamentary constituency boundaries for India, Assembly constituency boundaries for all states, and data relating to the past four national elections for each State of India. This data layer is sourced from secondary government sources, chiefly Survey of India, Census of India, Election Commission, etc.This data can be used for election analysis, forecasting, and mapping: Enables profiling of individual constituencies, permits historical analysis of the data, and helps predictive estimate of the impact of regional and state-wise electorate swings on the performance of political parties. These data are intended for researchers, students, and policy makers for reference and mapping purposes, and may be used for basic applications such as viewing, querying, and map output production.
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PollMap of India
India, Maharashtra, India, Gujarat, India, Tamil Nadu, India, Uttar Pradesh, India, West Bengal, India, Rajasthan, India, Kerala, India, Karnataka, India, Delhi, NCT, India, Haryana, India, and Punjab, India
Elections, Election districts, Political Parties, Voting, Politics and government, Boundaries, and Society
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