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Map of Hudson Bay and part of the Dominion of Canada to accompany the paper by Robert Bell, M.D., F.G.S., Assistant Director of the Geological Survey of Canada. Compiled from the latest surveys

Depth shown by soundings. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Forts on Hudson Bay, in Dominion of Canada, and in Dakota Territory are shown. Includes inset diagram showing the route between Fort York, Hudson Bay and Liverpool. Includes distances in geographical miles from Fort York to Liverpool, from New York to Liverpool via Tory Island, and from New York to Liverpool via Cape Clear. Boundaries between Canadian territories and International Boundary between Dominion of Canada and the United States are shown. Includes table of geographical abbreviations used. Graphic scale provided is incorrect. From: Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and monthly record of geography. Vol. 3 (1881), no. 10, pp. 577-86; held in Firestone Library. Call number: G7 .J6873
London : Edward Stanford, 1881.
Hudson Bay and Canada
Hudson Bay Region—Economic conditions, Hudson Bay—Description and travel, Hudson Bay—Maps, and Canada—Maps
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