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Baghdad qadiman wa-hadithan

al-Majma'a al-'Ilmi al-Iraqi. Iraqi Scientific Academy. Title translation: [Baghdad then and now.] Alternate title: Baghdad qadiman wa -hadithah: wada'aha Ahmad Susah, wa-Mustafá Jawad, wa-Ahmad Hamid al-Sarraf; rusimat min qibal Muhammad 'Abd al-Wahid. Relief shown by hachure. Shows the change of the course of the Tigris River. City walls, municipal and historical boundaries are shown. Includes three articles on the history of various parts of the city written by Ahmad Susah, Mustafa Jawad, and Ahmad Hamid al-Sarraf: Mojaz tarikh khatat Baghdad = [A brief history of the borders of Baghdad], Mojaz tarikh anhar Baghdad = [A brief history of the rivers of Baghdad]; Mojaz tarikh jusur Baghdad = [A brief history of the bridges of Baghdad].
Baghdad : [s.n.], 1951.
City blocks, Historic sites, Topographic maps, Rivers, Shorelines, and Iraq—Maps
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