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Habitat Modification

This raster data layer represents the presence of habitat modification (defined as the alteration or removal of geomorphic structure as a result of human activity) in shallow waters of the Main Hawaiian Islands (MHI). The following datasets were integrated to make this layer: 1) manmade and artificial shoreline, 2) maintained channels and dredged areas, 3) offshore aquaculture. Data sources include the State of Hawaii GIS Program, NOAA ESI, NOAA Biogeography Branch, and MarineCadastre.gov. Relevant features were extracted from each individual dataset and saved. Resulting polygon datasets were merged together, and a field was added to all vector layers with a value of 1 for each feature to account for presence of habitat modification. Vector data was converted 500 m rasters using the Point to Raster, Line to Raster, and Polygon to Raster tools. Then these three rasters were combined using the Mosaic tool in ArcGIS.A raster value of 1 represents the presence of habitat modification.This layer was developed as part of a geospatial database of key anthropogenic pressures to coastal waters of the Main Hawaiian Islands for the Ocean Tipping Points project (http://oceantippingpoints.org/). Ocean tipping points occur when incremental changes in human use or environmental conditions result in large, and sometimes abrupt, impacts to marine ecosystems. The ability to predict and understand ocean tipping points can enhance ecosystem management. The goal of the Hawaii case study of the Ocean Tipping Points project was to gather, process and map spatial data on environmental and anthropogenic drivers of coral reef ecosystem states. Understanding direct anthropogenic drivers is critical for coral reef management and implementing policies to protect ecosystem services generated by coral reefs.
Ocean Tipping Points Project
Hawaii and Pacific Ocean
Marine ecology, Marine ecosystem management, Marine ecosystem health, Coral reefs and islands, Environmental impact analysis, Coastal ecosystem health, Reef fisheries, Reef fishing, and Oceans
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